Fertilization Lawn and Shrubs: Pesticide application

For most of us, our home is our biggest and most valuable investment. Your properties’ landscaping is one of the most noticeable things about your property. The single most beneficial thing you can do for your lawn and landscape is to treat your turf and shrubs with a complete fertilizer and pesticide program. Such a program is essential for maintaining lush healthy green turf and aesthetically pleasing flowers and shrubs, thus adding curb appeal and increasing the value of your property.

Turf Care

No two lawns are the same. There are many different factors that affect your lawn’s health. Rainfall and irrigation, shade vs. sun, soil acidity, traffic, and pets are just a few. That is why it is important to realize that your lawn’s needs are different from your neighbors. We customize each turf care program specifically for you and your lawn, giving your turf exactly what it needs to be healthy, nothing more, nothing less.

Outlined below is our basic 8 step turf fertilization program from which each custom program is built:

  • Step 1: Early Spring - Pre-emergent weed control/crabgrass control with fertilizer
  • Step 2: Spring - Pre-emergent weed control/crabgrass control with fertilizer
  • Step 3: Early Summer - Post-emergent weed control spray
  • Step 4: Summer - Insect control with Fertilizer
  • Step 5: Summer - Grub control
  • Step 6: Late Summer – Fertilizer
  • Step 7: Fall - Lime
  • Step 8: Late Fall - Winterizer Fertilizer

Core Aeration

We recommend aerating your lawn either once or twice a year, either in the fall, or in both the spring and fall. Aeration loosens compacted soil and allows water and nutrients to be rushed to the roots, where they’re needed most.


Most lawns will develop some form of turf disease at some time or another. Most turf disease in the northeast is caused by fungus. Usually this type of disease can be avoided or treated with a fungicide. We recommend yearly preventative fungicide treatments for our customers with traditionally wet or susceptible lawns.

Please call anytime for a free turf inspection from our licensed pesticide applicator. We would value the opportunity to tailor a custom turf care program specifically for your property.

Tree and Shrub Care

Plants such as small trees and ornamental shrubs require nutrients and protection from pests, just like turf. Outlined below is our basic 5 step program for tree and shrub care. It is important to remember that each property is different, so we will customize each program to fit your properties’ specific needs.

  • Step 1: Early Spring: Horticultural Oil - eradicates hibernating insect larvae and insect eggs before they hatch and cause damage to your ornamental trees and shrubs.
  • Step 2: Late Spring: Insect and disease control with Fungus and Mite controls applied as young foliage develops.
  • Step 3: Late Summer: Insect and disease control focusing on other species such as Scale, Aphids, and Mites.
  • Step 4: Fall: Fertilization of the root systems of all ornamental trees and shrubs. This will provide a feeding in preparation for winter.
  • Step 5: Late fall: Dormant oil spray. This kills insect eggs that were laid on the buds of trees and shrubs during the year. It kills insect eggs in flowerbeds and in other places where they hibernate. It also helps to control diseases that are transmitted by insects.

Please call anytime for a free ornamental tree and shrub care program estimate.

Organic Programs

We offer four step Organic programs for Turf Care and Tree and Shrub Care. Please call anytime to discuss this option with our licensed specialist.

Deer and Tick Control

When it comes to public health, the most important arthropod in the nation is still the deer tick. This tiny tick is responsible for more people getting sick in this country than all other arthropods combined. We offer a comprehensive Deer and Tick control program to protect your property and your family from the spread of deer ticks and keep your trees and shrubs from being defoliated by deer.